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Origin and progress of the freight forwarder Pfeiffer

In 1871, Wilhelm Pfeiffer founded the company with his name as a transport company. Today the freight forwarding company Pfeiffer from Kassel is owner-managed in the fifth generation.

Since Fritz Pfeiffer was transformed into a limited liability company in 1976, the company has concentrated on time-critical distribution services for the automotive industry and national, long-distance transports. Long-haul transports have also been part of our product range since this time. Value-added services in the logistics sector complete our portfolio. Since 2000, we have specifically developed the use of volume vehicles in our fleet. Today, you will find only mega trailer in our vehicle fleet

The company Spedition Pfeiffer Kassel

There was a long road from the carrying company of the nineteenth century to the GPS supported vehicle disposition and the latest exhaust and engine technology. Today's delivery is at the heart of our service delivery and supports your customer satisfaction with perfect distribution and delivery quality.

Therefore we are using five locations and 250 employees in Germany currently. In addition to our headquarters in Kassel, our location in the federal capital of Germany Berlin occupies an important position


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Pfeiffer Kassel

PfeifferPfeiffer Speditionsgesellschaft m.b.H.
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Speditionsgesellschaft m.b.H.
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